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  The Warsaw Ghetto

Introduction to the Ghettos of the Holocaust


  Jewish Ghettos


  The Judenrat

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Documents Related to the Warsaw Ghetto


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Letter from Czerniakow



Source -Yad Vashem

Ringelblum Request  "Voluntary Resettlement"


Source - Polish Natl. Archives

SS - Warsaw Travel Pass

(Max Jesuiter)



Source -The Wiener Library

Auerswald Armbinden -Decree forcing the wearing of Jewish Star


Source - The The Wiener Library

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Cover page to the Stoop Report


Source - USHMM

Invoice for building the ghetto wall in Warsaw


Source - Ludwigsburg Archiv

List of Jewish Workers allowed out of the ghetto

Source - Ludwigsburg Archiv

Post Card from the Warsaw Ghetto

Source - The H.E.A.R.T Collection

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Warsaw Ghetto Post Card

*Note the date on the postmark: the start of the Große Aktion in the Warsaw  ghetto!

Source - Bennie Vlaskamp, Stichting
Sobibor, Holland











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