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 The Reich Citizenship Law

(September 15, 1935)




 November 14, 1935

The Reich Citizenship Law stripped Jews of their German citizenship and introduced a new distinction between “Reich citizens ” and “nationals.” Certificates of Reich citizenship were in fact never introduced, and all Germans other than Jews were provisionally classed as Reich citizens until 1945.

Article 1

1. A subject of the State is a person who belongs to the protective union of the German Reich, and who therefore has particular obligations towards the Reich.

2. The status of subject is acquired in accordance with the provisions of the Reich and State Law of Citizenship

Article 2

  1. A citizen of the Reich is that subject only who is of German or kindred blood and who, through his conduct, shows that he is both desirous and fit to serve the German people and Reich faithfully.

  2. The right to citizenship is acquired by the granting of Reich citizenship papers.

  3. Only the citizen of the Reich enjoys full political rights in accordance with the provision of the laws.

 Article 3

The Reich Minister of the Interior in conjunction with the Deputy of the Führer will issue the necessary legal and administrative decrees for carrying out and supplementing this law.

Petition for exemption of Jewish classification:


Petition to exempt a child from Nazi Racial Laws


Hamburg 3rd November 2542

Dr. Hugo Israel Möller 
in Hamburg
Rathausstr. 27 II.

II C 10.71.10/263/41

Ref. : Exemption of the children Ingrid Eckler, born in Hamburg on the 29th October 1935, and Irene Sara Eckler, born in Hamburg on the 6th August 1937, from the regulations of the Reich Citizenship Laws and their implementation.

Their former guardian, Dr. Hermann Israel Gerson, applied for the equal grading of the children as Jewish 'Mischling', second degree.

As their present guardian, you are hereby informed that on orders from the Reich Interior Minister, due to the war, it is necessary to reduce administration work and such petitions will not be dealt with until further notice.

The certificates sent by your predecessor can be returned on application.

2.) Copy D 51
with File 1

To the Amtsgericht. De12t. 112 Hamburg

with the request to take note.

The Guardianship File, ref. no.112 vn E 83, received 28th October 1942, is herewith returned.











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