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The "Last Unrighteous" The story of Benjamin Murmelstein 6\1\12 Essays and Editorials The last unrighteous.html
Hershl Sperling  -recounts the Treblinka Death Camp 5\20\12 Survivors Stories survivor\sperling.html
Fritz Hensen testimonies on Chelmno 4\15\12 Holocaust Trials hensentest.html
The Holocaust in the East! 2\22\12 Nazi Occupation of Europe Holocaust-in-the-east.html
Max Block (part 2)  Auschwitz! 3\10\12 Survivors Stories maxblock2.html
The Story of Max Block (part 1) 2\28\12 Survivors Stories maxblock.html
Sobibor survivor Thomas Blatt confronts Karl Frenzel! 2\5\12 Survivors Stories survivor/blattfrenzel.html
The Bankrupt state of Holocaust Denial and Debunking! 1\10\12 Essays & Editorials essays&editorials\deniers&debunkers2.html
Images of the Holocaust at the Klooga camp 1\4\12 Other Camps (galleries" othercamps\galleries\kloogagal\index.html
Dr Elkes - Letters to London (life in the Kovno ghetto) 12\15\2011 Survivors Stories survivor\elkes-london-letter.html
Rawa Ruska 12\1\11 Holocaust Ghettos rawaruska.html
Westerbork Image Gallery 11\1\2011 Images of the Holocaust \westerborkgal\index.html

Hans Frank  Conversation with an American Officer, August 1945

10\10\11 Holocaust Trials trials/HansFrankTestimony.html
H.E.A.R.T  IMT Series   "The beginning of the end" 9\10\11 Holocaust Trials trials\begginning-of-the-end.html
Eichmann in Budapest! The Avraham Gordon Testimony  8\25\11 Holocaust Trials eichmann-in-budapest.html
Vienna Image Gallery   (Images of the Holocaust in Vienna) 8\5\11 Nazi Occupation of Europe viennagal\index.html

Selected Extracts from the Memoirs of Samuel Jarniewski

7\22\11 Survivors stories jarniewski.html
Holocaust Publications - New additions 7\10\11 home publications.html
Polish Fort-Nightly Review "Polish women in the Nazi Camps" 7\2\11 Nazi Occupation of Europe polishwomen.html
Record of Interrogation In Cologne - Robert Lorent -1961 6\5\11 Holocaust Trials trials\lorent.html
An Unfinished Film - Nazi Propaganda in the Warsaw Ghetto 5\21\11 Prelude to the Holocaust holoprelude/unfinishedfilm.html

H.E.A.R.T International Military Tribunal Series

IMT V 240 Paul Roser

5\10\11 Holocaust Trials trials/rosertestimony.html
Ravensbrucke Image Gallery 4\25\11 Other Camps ravensgal\index.html
Allied Report on Auschwitz and Treblinka 4\9\11 Revolt & Resistance alliedreport.html
Poznan and the Camps at Zabikowo 3\31\11 Other Camps zabikowo.html
Alexander Pechersky on the escape from Sobibor 3\10\11 Revolt & Resistance sobiborescape.html
Battle for the Warsaw Ghetto - Report from the Jewish Workers Underground Movement 2\25\11 Revolt & Resistance warsawbattle.html
Hitler Speaks to the Reichstag on the Jewish Question 2\11\11 Prelude to the Holocaust jewishquestion.html
2\2\11 Holocaust Trials feigenberg.html
1825 Days (5 years)  with H.E.A.R.T 1\23\11 Essays & Editorials heart5years.html
Otto Horn Testimony -deposition in the Demjanjuk case. 26th of February, 1980 in Berlin 1\15\11 Holocaust Trials trials\horn.html
Polish Fortnightly Review  "The Real New Order - Terror" # 2 1\2\11 Nazi Occupation polishforthnigtreviewrealneworder2.html
Shlomo Venezia [Survivor] - Selected Extracts from Inside the Gas Chambers 12\29\10 Holocaust Survivors survivor/shlomo.html
Samuel Rajzman testifies about the Treblinka Death Camp to the American House Committee on Foreign Affairs in 1945 12\20\10 Holocaust Trials trials\rajzmantestimony.html
IG Farben Image Gallery 12\10\10 Holocaust Economics igfarbengal\index.html
Munich - The city at the heart of Nazism 12\1\10 Nazi Occupation of Europe munich.html
Berlin - Images of the Holocaust 11\21\10 Nazi Occupation of Europe berlingal\index.html
I.G. Farben and the Holocaust 11\15\10 Holocaust Economics economics/igfarben.html
SS Economic & Administrative Department and the Nazi Concentration camps -  The WVHA 11\7\10 Holocaust Economics economics/WVHA.html
The Jews of Luxembourg 10\29\10 Nazi Occupation of Europe nazioccupation/luxembourg.html
Nuremberg  -The City and the Holocaust 10\20\10 Nazi Occupation of Europe nuremberg.html
Testimony of Itzchak Nechama - The Jews of Salonika 10\10\10 Holocaust Trials nechamasalonika.html
Auschwitz Remembered Recollections of those who were there 10\5\10 Other Camps auschremembered.html
Yakov Kaper  -His Account of Babi Yar  pt. 2 9\25\10 Survivor Stories kaperbabiyar.html
Yakov Kaper  -His Account of Life in the Syrets Camp pt. 1 9\210 Survivor Stories kapersyrets.html
Sinti and Roma -The Gypsy Holocaust 9\15\10 Holocaust Prelude romasinti.html
Berlin - the city and the Holocaust 9\5\10 Nazi Occupation berlin.html
SS Doctor at Auschwitz -Johann Paul Kremer 8\30\10 Other Camps auschkremerdiary.html
Czestochowa Image Gallery 8\22\10 Holocaust Ghetos czestgal\index.html
Dmitriy Korotkikh Interrogation & Testimony 8\16\10 Holocaust Trials Korotkikhtestimony.html
Images of the Radom Ghetto 8\5\10 Holocaust Ghettos radomgal\index.html

Dortmund  "The City and the Holocaust"

7\29\10 Nazi Occupation dortmund.html
Paul Blobel Affidavit at the IMT War Crimes Trial 7\22\10 The Einsatzgruppen einsatz\blobeltest.html
Images of the Holocaust in the Netherlands 7\10\10 Nazi Occupation dtuchgal\index.html
Mass Murder of Lithuanian Jewry - Karl Jager Report 7\05\10 Einsatzgruppen jagerletter.html
The Trial of Amon Goeth - part 3 Sentencing, & Execution 6\27\10 Holocaust Trials goeth3.html
Polish Fortnightly Review  "The Real New Order - Terror" 6/20/10 Nazi Occupation polishforthnigtreviewrealneworder1.html
Holocaust Denial: An unavoidable introduction? 6/15/10 Essays and Editorials holocaustdenial.html
Karl Plagge - An unlikely hero 6/5/10 Survivors Stories plagge.html
Franz Nowak SS Station Master of Death 5/28/10 Holocaust Trials franknowak.html
Isadore Helfing -Treblinka Death Camp Survivor  5/22/10 Holocaust Survivors stories helfing.html
Anti-Semitism in Vienna -Can a city come to terms with its past? 5/10/10 Essays & Editorials wien.html
George Wellers Testimony  -Deportations from France 5/3/10 Trials wellers.html

HASAG - Hugo Schneider Aktiengesellschaft  - forced labor camp!


Nazi Occupation


Images of Przemysl - The ghetto and environs 7/18/10 Holocaust Ghettos przemgal\index.html
Nazi Hunter! The genesis of Simon Wiesenthal 7/12/10 Trials wiesenthalstart.html
Friedrich Rainer and Odilo Globocnik "Sinister Roles" 7/5/10 Essays & Editorials sinisterroles.html
Oswald Mosley & the British Union of Fascists 4\5\10 Holocaust Prelude mosley.html
The Trial of Amon Goeth -Part 2 Cross Examination & witness Mieczyslaw Pemper 3\27\10 Holocaust Trials goeth2.html
Images of Vilnius  (Vilna ghetto and surrounding environment) 3\22\10 Ghettos vilniusgal\index.html
Moshe Bahir Testimony about Sobibor at the Eichmann Trial 1961 3\20\10 Holocaust Trials bahirtestimony.html
Wilhelm Pfannenstiel Witness to the Exterminations at Belzec 3\12\10 Aktion Reinhard\Belzec ar/belzec/pfannenstiel.html
Jacob Edelstein - Judenrat Chairman "Terezin" 3\2\10 Holocaust Ghettos edelstein.html
Polish Fort-Nightly Review -What happened in the Radom Ghetto 2\26\10 German Occupation polishforthnigtreviewslaughterB.html
Mass murder of Jews in Latvia - Einsatzgruppen A 2\17\10 Einsatzgruppen latvia.html
A Guided Tour of the Sydney Jewish Museum 2\12\10 Essays & Editorials guidedtour.html
The Bialystok Ghetto Image Gallery 2\7\10 Ghettos\Bialystokgal index.html
Leni Riefenstahl and the Holocaust 2\2\10 Prelude to the Holocaust riefenstahl.html
Jacob Gens and the Holocaust in Vilna 1\26\10 Ghettos gens.html
The Trial of Amon Goeth The Indictment -Part 1 1\18\10 Holocaust Trials goeth1.html
NSDAP Image Gallery 1\12\10 Holocaust Prelude index.html
Polish Fortnightly Review "Slaughter of the Jews in Poland" 1\6\10 Nazi Occupation of Europe polishforthnigtreviewslaughterA.html
The Chelmno Diaries, Szlamek Bajler recounts his time at Chelmno 1\1\10 Other Camps chelmnodiaries.html
Operation ANTHROPOID Gallery  - Images related to the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich 12\25\09 Nazi Occupation of Europe index.html
The Korherr Report! 12\18\09 Holocaust Prelude korherr.html
Men record their experiences during the Holocaust 12\9\09 Survivor Stories men.html

Profiting from the Holocaust  - Aktion Reinhard

12\6\09 Holocaust Economics profitingfromAR.html
Richard Glucks -As described by Rudolf Hoess 12/1/09 SS Leaders glucks.html
The Allied Reaction Regarding the Holocaust During 1942 - What they knew... 11/25/09 The German Occupation allies.html
The Holocaust, a time to  debate, debunk or debauch? 11\18\09 Essays & Editorials memorial-debunk-debate-debauched.html


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