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"It was during that summer in the zamek that roughly forty of us younger persons — many of whom had gotten to know one another in the Hashomer Hatzair [the labor-oriented Zionist youth organization] — began to attempt to organize some sort of resistance.

We ranged in age from roughly sixteen to thirty. The majority were men, but there were some women as well. In any ordinary sense, our situation was completely hopeless.

We had no weapons except for rocks, bottles, and a few knives. We were completely outnumbered and surrounded by a trained German military force supported loyally by the local population. But then again, we had no expectation that we would live beyond the next few weeks or months.

Why not resist when the alternative was death at a time and place chosen by the Nazis?  Desperation was what drove us, along with the desire for revenge.

Our families had been butchered and piled into nameless graves. The thought of taking at least a few German lives in return was a powerful incentive."


-Izik Sutin  Mir, Poland 1942


The Links below contain articles of Resistance to the Nazi killing machine throughout occupied Europe


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Belzec Resistance


Stanislaw Smajzner


Frumke Plotnicka & Chajke Grossman


The story of Kurt Gerron

Franciszek Zabecki  "The Station Master at Treblinka"

Danish resistance during the Holocaust

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Zegota "The council of Aid to Polish Jews"

The White Rose

Rudolf Vrba  "I escaped from Auschwitz"

The Bielski Brothers

The Gelpernus Diary


The "Sonderkommando Revolt" Auschwitz/Birkenau

Pages on Revolt, Resistance & Escape


Smajner excerpts on the Sobibor revolt


Jewish Resistance

Jewish Resistance

Eyewitness to the Revolt – 2 August 1943


Resistance movements in Denmark

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Underground group supporting Jewish resistance


German Students take on the Nazi's

Rudolf Vrba escapes from the Death Camp and authors the famous report for the allied command.

The story of Jewish partisans who fought back against the Nazi campaign of genocide.

The diary of Dimitir Gelpernus and the Jewish resistance in and around the Kovno ghetto

The Sonderkommando or ("Special Command Units') were Jewish prisoners who were forced to work in the death camps at the grisly task of burning of the corpses of those already murdered by the Nazi's.



































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