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There is much that continues to be compelling in the exploration of the Holocaust and its impact on the lives of survivors and their children. To begin with, these studies keep alive the memory of the millions who were killed. For Jews, the admonition to remember is a core principal of religious belief.   

For a Jew, to remember is an act of piety, a holy act that joins past with present that commemorates and memorializes. For non Jews, such remembrance bears witness to the horrors of the Nazi murder apparatus and raises a powerful moral and political voice against state organized and approved acts of racism, injustice and cruelty wherever and whenever they occur.                             

Excerpts from: International Review of Psycho-Analysis, 18:114-115 (1991).


The Links below are stories of courage and Survival from the Ghettos, Camps, and

Death Squads of the Holocaust



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Stanislaw Smajzner

Extracts from the Tragedy of a Jewish Teenager

Escape From Belzec Hanna Szper's daring jump from a train. belzecescape.html
Rivka Yosselevska  (Aktion at Zagrodski) Rivka testifies to the killings at Zagrodksi rytest.html

The Joseph Bau Story

Joseph and Cyla Bau survive Plaszow

Statement of Ilse Domke Ilse Domke testifies to her ordeal ilsedomke.html

Belzec Eyewitness -WilhelmCornides

Wilhelm Cornides describes the Belzec Death camp.

The Selma Engel Interview USHMM interview with Sobibor survivor Selma Engel

selma engel.html

The Chaim Engel Interview

USHMM interview with Sobibor survivor Chaim Engel chaim engel.html
Oskar Schindler Extracts on the life and deeds of Oskar Schindler. schindler.html
Avraham Bomba USHMM Interview with Avraham Bomba bomba.html

The Story of Walter Suskind

The life & deeds of Walter Suskind suskind.html
Richard Glazar Treblinka Recalled (Interview from the film Shoah) Glazar.html
The Family Brichta Frank "Brichta" Bright recounts the story of his family and survival in Theresienstadt, Auschwitz, and Friedland brichta1.html
Esther Raab

Sobibor Death Camp Survivor

Preben Munch-Nielsen - Rescuer of Danish Jews Danish Rescue preben.html
Jan Karksi

Righteous Gentiles


Gertrude Poppert-Schonborn - Luka Story of Luka and the escape from Sobibor Luka.html
Raoul Wallenberg The Story of Raoul Wallenberg wallenberg.html
Oscar Strawczynski Ten Months in Treblinka strawczynski .html


















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